As a casual gaming community and a World of Warcraft guild we offer the following…

Relaxed atmosphere

In our guild you do not need to do much. By default there are no “responsibilities” or “duties” put on our members. If you just want to log in and play you can. Members are not obliged to raid, do mythic+, or even log on every month.

On the other hand, if you one day decide to join some of the organized activities, like raids, these activities may have some basic requirements such as buying consumables, joining voice communication, trying your best. If you later decide to take a break you can simply communicate it and there will be no consequences.

We make best effort to make sure that the following has no place in our guild:

  • Social pressure to prioritize game activities over real life responsibilities and relationships
  • Refusing a member to participate in a guild activity based on overtuned requirements (e.g. gear, logs, experience)
  • Elitist members trash talking other members

International community

As a truly international community you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with multiple foreign cultures. Ranging from cold fjords of Norway, through Polish potato farms all the way to hot beaches of Greece.

Not only is it interesting to spot cultural differences, but if you every decide to travel abroad you might as well find yourself a friend to show you around!

In game progression

Although we are a casual guild and our main priority is to have fun, we understand that fun often comes in form of progression. For this reason in some of our activities we require that everyone tries to do their best and has some team-spirit that allows us to progress at a decent rate.


For over a decade our guild has been reliably clearing heroic raids and around half of the mythic difficulty. Our peak was 5% wipe on mythic Garrosh Hellscream in Mists of Pandaria.

We have very experienced raid leader and some very experienced raiders. In the video below you can see how our raids look like. As a member you may also count on some free-coaching 🙂

Currently there is only one raiding team raiding on 2days/week schedule – Fridays (19:00-22:30) and Sundays (18:30-22:30). All times are in server time.

An example of typical raid with For Fun.


Throughout the years our guild has housed some rather successful Mythic+ teams, some who even ranked clear times in top 100 in the world.

At this time there is not much activity in this area, but we hope that some members will finally step up and make some great teams again.


Our guild used to have organized Rated Battleground events reaching over 2,000 rating. However, recently there is no member willing to organize such events. We hope that as the community grows we can get some more PvP action again.