Scotlok (aka. Scot) is a role model of a For Fun raider. During progression weeks he can be relied on to bring his skill and personality to the raid. He will whack the damage meters, sing some old-school songs, crack some jokes and drink a glass of whiskey or more.

Scotlok’s real name is not Scott, but Richie. As the name implies he is a proud Scotsman and he plays a Warlock. Despite practising foul magic in World of Warcraft, his real life job is arborist — tree surgeon. Scotlok is well known in the guild for having a very cute and audible parrot named Marley who will often randomly squeak and bother Scotlok during raids and dungeons. Scotlok loves raiding with us, casual progression and truly is a core part of our team. When he cannot attend the raid he will check how far we got by repeatedly refreshing live-logged warcraftlogs reports just to see how we are doing while he is out there handling his responsibilities.

The best Marley noise I could find on the Internet. While this is not exactly Scotlok’s bird, it is the same species and sounds very similar to Marley.

For a long time Scotlok has been our only reliable Warlock. Some have thrown some accusations that he is silently murdering and eating other warlock guild members to maintain a monopoly on the healthstone and summoning market; but these rumours have yet to be confirmed. If you happen to play a warlock lookout for Scotlok, he is a great pal, but he might just murder you one day!