Payo (aka. master parrot keeper) is an old community member who has shown remarkable team spirit and tenacity. He has been our core member for many years, always reliable but still keeping a great balance between game and real life.

The thing we all know about Payo is that he is very organized. He works 5 days a starting very early in the morning. He lives in some remote area in Sweden with really cold winters. He keeps a lot of animals in his house,. especially during winter. During winter months you can often hear his parrots in the background making enough noise for everyone to notice them. One day Payo has shared with us that a cat brought a mouse home and now he has to take care of a mouse for some time before he releases it. Since then we humorously say that Payo’s animals bring him more animals.

In game Payo has always been a skilled player. His long term engagement in community affairs has helped identify the guild. Back in old days Payo used to play a hunter (Payokvati), but recently he has switched to play a discipline priest which he finds to be more enjoyable.