Dolguldur (aka. dolg.exe, Angrenost) has joined our guild in early Cataclysm and became a main tank for one of our 10man teams. Although new in the game, he has quickly raised his skill and quickly earned the respect of other guild members as the best tank in the guild. He is the example raider — reliable, skilled, prepared and drama resilient.

In these early days, Dolguldur has not spoken a word on our voice communication channels, but he was always listening and responding in chat. At that time, we were conveniently told that it is because he does not own a microphone and since he did not make mistakes we were okay with that. However, as the time passed and many bosses were gloriously killed by Dolguldur single-handedly blasting last percentages during berserk phase, people started rumours. It is actually unclear whether Dolguldur is a human being or an advanced software program for raiding. Dolguldur has not spoken a word to this day and we have a feeling, that unless we go to meet him IRL, we will not hear him.

Other than being the insanely skilled player Dolguldur has been actively helping with managing the guild. He understands that the guild is casual and he never pushed for inadequate requirements to help progress, even though he himself is clearly capable of clearing any content. As an officer his advice has always been valuable.

Dolguldurs second nickname Angrenost comes from the fact that when we moved servers he was forced to change his nickname. His main character in game is now named Angrenost.