Blodyn (aka. Bethan, demon, the woman) is one of the most recognizable names in our guild. She is the oldest guild member to date and throughout these years became a personality that identifies our guild.

Back in the early days Blodyn has been a univeristy student of English literature. In those days you could meet Bethan online a lot, often sharing various anecdotes from her very adventurous College life. Those who cared to listen got to know the names and stories about her college friends. Vice versa, Bethan’s IRL friends learnt a lot about World of Warcraft, raiding and her guild. Bethan has eventually graduated the university, however, finding the job in her field proved nearly impossible. After graduating Bethan has spent some time rethinking her career, but after few bumpy years finally found a stable source of income.

Blodyn however is not just a social member of our community. She was always involved in guild matters and as an Officer she has put significant amount of her time to help our community. She has been a raid leader of a 10-man raid during Catalysm expansion, leader of Rated Battlegrounds guild events, guild bank manager, and a solid class leader and raider.

The story behind Blodyns nicknames are worth knowing as well:

  • Bethan – that is Blodyn’s real name.
  • Demon / The woman – for some Annih is afraid of Blodyn and has been referring to her as so.