Beliaranzo (aka. plastictank) has been with us since Wrath of the Lich King. Ever since he began raiding he got a liking to the tanking role and even after so many years tanking is still the only role he truly enjoys. Together with Dolguldur he has been a tanking and tanking is still the only role that Beliaranzo truely enjoys.

Beliaranzo is one of the nicest people in the guild. He is always happy to help fellow guild mates by tanking for them, crafting free gems, sharing his last flask and help you fight these petty gankers. He is also quite a fashionista and always makes sure his character looks good and fights with the style suiting a holy warrior of the light.

His name is Marco, and he is a Beagle.

Beliaranzo comes from small forgotten island in Norway with population of less than 1,000 people. The only way to enter or leave that island is by taking a ferry. Although he has now moved to live in the mainland, he often comes back home to spend time with family and his large friendly dogs.