Annih (aka. sunshine, guild mascot) is a loveable player who makes our raids a fun and relaxed social experience. Annih plays a hunter and knows all secrets of the bowman’s craft — including the art of ninja pulling without dying. If you happen to raid with Annih, you will grow to love him too.

When you get to know Annih, it is highly likely that the first time you meet him he will be slightly tipsy after drinking 4 or more beers. In fact it’s not uncommon to find him playing with some alcoholic beverage in hand and generally Annih is an alcohol connoisseur! It is not to say however that Annih is an alcoholic. In fact, by day Annih is a very responsible person and works as an accountant for over 130 companies! Shocking, I know! Besides drinking beer and vodka Annih’s second biggest love is football. It is not unusual for Annih to skip raids because his national football team is playing some qualification game. He might then join the raid after the game has finished, but he tends not to be of much help after that. Some of you might hear Annih address other guildies with derogatory titles such as “gay paladin”, “crazy woman”, or generally call people “gay”. You should know then that Annih does this only to people he knows well and he means no harm. In fact deep inside Annih is a very mushy loving brute, kind of like Mr. Kowalski from the Gran Torino movie. His apparent fear of the homosexual aesthetic is often abused by other guild members using the rainbow generator toy on his character.

Just like Walt, deep inside Annih is a caring person.

When it comes to raiding Annih is very dedicated and will hardly skip a raid, except for sport games. Whilst he does good DPS, he often does not know tactics. When faced with tactics he didn’t listen to or doesn’t understand, he likes to improvise often with a hilarious effect of killing himself in a memorable fashion. We all love our guild mascot Annih, even if he may cause us a few wipes from time to time.