Unconventional recruitment methods

With the Easter behind us I am back in full force focusing on bringing our guild to the best shape since Cataclysm. Some of you might remember these glorious days when our guild had 3 full fledged 10-man raiding teams, each with its own raid leader and unique raiding schedule. Whilst this has been nearly 10 years since then, it is now that I feel more motivated than ever to make us the best casual gaming community on our server!

In order to achieve that however, some unconventional recruitment methods are needed. Back in Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansions you could get plenty of new members by simply spamming trade chat and running pug raids. These days, trade chat is overwhelmed with boosters and other illicit services and pugging raids has become cross-realm so that it is hard to make people join your guild afterwards. For these reasons, some alternative recruitment methods are needed.

I have thought about this for a while and over the past few weeks have tried the following:

Some of them had decent results and might bring some good results in soon future. Running PUG raids has been a complete waste of time at this point in the patch, but we might try that again some time later. Online recruitment results are hard to judge without metrics but they take very little effort so I will just keep refreshing them.

Finally the latest idea is to keep running Mythic+ groups. For this I have refreshed my old toon Koksio: not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve. Starting today you will see me running Mythic+ almost every day, so if you feel like running some feel free to join!

This is our new hero. As seen on my screen with my graphics settings.

Raiding plans until 9.1.0!

The heroic Castle Nathria is no more a threat to our guild and we do not currently have the numbers to go mythic Castle Nathria progression on our own. The new patch is rumored to go live in June/July/August so it is still a tad too early to take a break and go dormant.

Influenced by the results of our poll, I have came up with the following guild-activity schedule for the following months. Further commentary below the picture.

First of all, none of these obligatory. We are <For Fun> so you can join if you want some entertainment.

The schedule includes a heroic full clear run every second week. This is because there is still a lot of you who really love the current raid. You are welcome to join with your 190+ ilvl alts, but beware that if we begin to struggle to much with getting kills, I will ask you to relog your main!

Every Sunday — which is also the preferred day for activities — we will do something unusual! From 19:00-19:15 there will be assembling groups, if you want to log in late, try not to be late more than 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes we will sort out groups in an undefined fashion. Beware that even M+ teams, will not necessarily be groups of 5 guildies, but may be groups of 3 or 4 players if there is not enough tanks or healers. Some pugging may be inevitable, but that is only an opportunity to taint more souls to join us!

Hope you guys enjoy these weeks of chilling and build up some progression hunger for the next raid tier!


Guild merge trial is on!

As you may know I have been looking for a guild to merge with for a while. Yesterday I have joined a guild progression run with <Its probably okay>, made some heroic progress, had some fun and piqued their interest in the idea of merging guilds.

Meet <Its Probably Ok>

The <Its Probably Ok> is an international guild with people from all around the Europe. The guild has been around ever since early Wrath of the Lich King. Similarly like <For Fun> the guild has prevailed through many hard times, including faction changes and multiple realm changes. Currently the guild is predominantly focused on having fun so we should be a great match.

Currently the guild master of <Its Probably Ok> is Itsashambles! Their guild mascot is Bootydaddy. They have one raiding team lead by Gingiê which raids on Mondays and Fridays from 19-23, currently at 4/10HC.

Trial by in-game community

Before we make any drastic moves of merging guilds one way or another, we are having a “trial run” with an in-game community. You can join the community right now by copying the invite code from this link.

The in-game community works very similar to a guild. Once you joined you will see the community in the same UI where you see the guild, as shown below. You will be able to see who is online, see chat history, and member notes. The community is also tightly integrated with in-game chat.

At last, the in-game calendar events will be changed to “Community Events” so that all community members will see them.


Castle Nathria cleared

On February 26th, the worlds press gathered in an anticipatory huddle outside Castle Nathria, eagerly awaiting news of For Fun finally downing Sire Denathrius and earning the prized [Ahead of the Curve] achievement. After numerous wipes, and the hunters arguing over who got to use their shared braincell the tactics clicked for the raid group, as everyone boogied left, sashayed right and pranced forward to avoid every mechanic after much trial and error. As arrows, spells and blades flashed toward the raid boss, backed by the sound of ‘RAMPING’ and a chorus of squawking birds Denathrius finally went down.

Many thanks to those who stayed, and especially those who have raided with us from the beginning. For the remainder of the patch, we will focus on Heroic re-clears, achievement runs and as always, having fun. We will probably go down to one raid day per week and try to take it slow as we recruit more members, establish new raid groups and prepare for another successful patch having fun and downing bosses.


For Fun enters the Internet

I am pleased to say that from today onwards this website is our guild’s official website. On top of that, it is not some poor-man’s website where we have no control of the features we can add or code we can write. We have full control. The only sad part is that some of the more direct and “fun” domain names were unavailable.

There are many reasons for why I felt we need a website and here are some ideas on what this website will be used for 🙂

Getting to know our members

The guild has been going for so long that we have had hundreds of members and great anecdotes. This website allows us to post these stories and brief member introductions so that those who are new or recently coming back can read a thing or two and get more familiar.

To start with this, I am building a “Hall of Fame” section which will have pages introducing some of the most recognisable names. This is just the beginning, we may later start doing some post-series about past-dramas, anecdotes and maybe even some face reveals (wink wink Ornek).

Guild plans announcements

As a dedicated guild master I always have some idea for where we are heading. I realize that so far I have been doing poorly communicating these plans with the rest of the guild members. Even if I do share it publicly it is easy to miss if you happen to be offline at the moment. This site will be a great medium for publishing such “strategy” posts.

Also, this will be a good place for a discussion. You will be able to comment on posts and influence the strategy! Do remember however that we are a not democratic organization 🙂


With the website up and running we can have an application form for guests to apply to our guild. Thus far our recruitment has been primarily driven by spamming Trade chat, but recently people hardly read trade chat (they use LFG now) and furthermore it is full of annoying spammers and scammers, so my messages get lost quickly.

With the website up and running it is now also easier for people to apply. Instead of referring them to contact me by battle-tag, I will simply give an URL.

With this being said, we will begin our recruitment campaign on forums such as MMO-Champion, Wowhead, Reddit. I will also update the trade chat spam and our guild profile on WowProgress.

Endless possibilities

The earlier usages are very basic, but there is a lot of place for creativity. You may see some polls and contests, various post-series, guides and so on. Sky is the limit and I am on the cloud nine.

It is time I shape up and make For Fun better than it has ever been!