Guild merge trial is on!

As you may know I have been looking for a guild to merge with for a while. Yesterday I have joined a guild progression run with <Its probably okay>, made some heroic progress, had some fun and piqued their interest in the idea of merging guilds.

Meet <Its Probably Ok>

The <Its Probably Ok> is an international guild with people from all around the Europe. The guild has been around ever since early Wrath of the Lich King. Similarly like <For Fun> the guild has prevailed through many hard times, including faction changes and multiple realm changes. Currently the guild is predominantly focused on having fun so we should be a great match.

Currently the guild master of <Its Probably Ok> is Itsashambles! Their guild mascot is Bootydaddy. They have one raiding team lead by Gingiê which raids on Mondays and Fridays from 19-23, currently at 4/10HC.

Trial by in-game community

Before we make any drastic moves of merging guilds one way or another, we are having a “trial run” with an in-game community. You can join the community right now by copying the invite code from this link.

The in-game community works very similar to a guild. Once you joined you will see the community in the same UI where you see the guild, as shown below. You will be able to see who is online, see chat history, and member notes. The community is also tightly integrated with in-game chat.

At last, the in-game calendar events will be changed to “Community Events” so that all community members will see them.

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