Castle Nathria cleared

On February 26th, the worlds press gathered in an anticipatory huddle outside Castle Nathria, eagerly awaiting news of For Fun finally downing Sire Denathrius and earning the prized [Ahead of the Curve] achievement. After numerous wipes, and the hunters arguing over who got to use their shared braincell the tactics clicked for the raid group, as everyone boogied left, sashayed right and pranced forward to avoid every mechanic after much trial and error. As arrows, spells and blades flashed toward the raid boss, backed by the sound of ‘RAMPING’ and a chorus of squawking birds Denathrius finally went down.

Many thanks to those who stayed, and especially those who have raided with us from the beginning. For the remainder of the patch, we will focus on Heroic re-clears, achievement runs and as always, having fun. We will probably go down to one raid day per week and try to take it slow as we recruit more members, establish new raid groups and prepare for another successful patch having fun and downing bosses.

By Kreweta

Filthy casual.

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