For Fun enters the Internet

I am pleased to say that from today onwards this website is our guild’s official website. On top of that, it is not some poor-man’s website where we have no control of the features we can add or code we can write. We have full control. The only sad part is that some of the more direct and “fun” domain names were unavailable.

There are many reasons for why I felt we need a website and here are some ideas on what this website will be used for 🙂

Getting to know our members

The guild has been going for so long that we have had hundreds of members and great anecdotes. This website allows us to post these stories and brief member introductions so that those who are new or recently coming back can read a thing or two and get more familiar.

To start with this, I am building a “Hall of Fame” section which will have pages introducing some of the most recognisable names. This is just the beginning, we may later start doing some post-series about past-dramas, anecdotes and maybe even some face reveals (wink wink Ornek).

Guild plans announcements

As a dedicated guild master I always have some idea for where we are heading. I realize that so far I have been doing poorly communicating these plans with the rest of the guild members. Even if I do share it publicly it is easy to miss if you happen to be offline at the moment. This site will be a great medium for publishing such “strategy” posts.

Also, this will be a good place for a discussion. You will be able to comment on posts and influence the strategy! Do remember however that we are a not democratic organization 🙂


With the website up and running we can have an application form for guests to apply to our guild. Thus far our recruitment has been primarily driven by spamming Trade chat, but recently people hardly read trade chat (they use LFG now) and furthermore it is full of annoying spammers and scammers, so my messages get lost quickly.

With the website up and running it is now also easier for people to apply. Instead of referring them to contact me by battle-tag, I will simply give an URL.

With this being said, we will begin our recruitment campaign on forums such as MMO-Champion, Wowhead, Reddit. I will also update the trade chat spam and our guild profile on WowProgress.

Endless possibilities

The earlier usages are very basic, but there is a lot of place for creativity. You may see some polls and contests, various post-series, guides and so on. Sky is the limit and I am on the cloud nine.

It is time I shape up and make For Fun better than it has ever been!

By Kreweta

Filthy casual.

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