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It has been over a month since I posted the first catch-up post and since then I have received a lot of positive feedback and positive vibes from many of You. I also love reading about how everyone is moving forward in their life. Seeing Taurenpowah’s wedding photo warms my heart. It is not quite “a lord of an African tribe” that he has promised to become but I say it is even better.

Given the above, it would be a shame to stop. I will try to post an update from two or three members roughly once a month. For this post, I have an update from three members. Blodyn – our beloved Welsh demon and Lead Officer. Dilv – an old timer Russian tryhard. Crowley – the elite Mythic plus pusher and rogue master. Enjoy the read and share your comments on our discord! 🙂


I can’t say I’ve quit the game completely as I still log in when I have a spare moment to play however, since I’ve stopped being a ‘semi-casual’ For Fun raider a lot has changed!

To begin with I changed jobs a couple of times, I tried night work in the care industry and that didn’t work out & then I tried night work in the hospitality industry and that also didn’t work out. I really struggled with night work and my mental health suffered a lot until I had to admit to myself that it just wasn’t for me. Since then I got a job in my local KFC which is just down the road & I’ve been promoted to team leader (management) already, it’s not glamourous but it pays the bills & honestly, it’s pretty fun at times.

During the time I was struggling with my mental health and changing jobs, I split up with Louis. We were together 12 years but I felt so stuck. Since then I’ve started a new relationship with Rob who has been amazing for me, giving me freedom and support to do things at my pace and strive for things I really want and need.

We bought a house together in December 2021, well technically the bank bought our house and now we’re paying the bank for it! But it’s ours damnit! It’s amazing honestly, I really love having my own space, it’s something I didn’t ever think I’d be able to afford or achieve.

House keys to Bethan’s very own place. You can find pictures of the actual house on our discord General chat – just search for “from: Blodyn”. 🙂

I learned to drive back in February & passed my test, I don’t have a car though because that’s expensive, I’m happy to walk to work and Rob already has a car I can borrow if I need to.

So to say that I have done a lot these last few years is accurate. I feel really good about where I am and about where I’m going in life.

And now for probably the biggest news & something I imagine will be a shock to most people who knew me when I was raiding with For Fun; I’m expecting to become a mother in February 2023!

The new generation of For Fun is growing!


Since I’ve stopped raiding with For Fun, I think it was the start of covid, I have been gaming less. I took my education to an upper level with a master’s degree, which required me to go to the Netherlands, sadly the lockdown made it impossible. I still finished it and got a job at a bank in cyber security. Life has been fun lately because I started to play in a band again. This time it’s not rock but it’s jazz. Follow us on Instagram @iwsc. I do more casual gaming now like an old man (Hey Tankdoctor). Anyways I hope someday to meet you all IRL. Kisses from your best 3rd world country, Turkey.

An old man enjoying his jazz band. 🙂


Not sure if many of you still remember a crazy boomkin tryhard back from Cataclysm times – it was a while ago, and only for a short stint. I joined the guild around the Cataclysm release and left early into Mists of Pandaria. Still, I do remember many of you guys, as well as the Swedish part of the guild from back then – Codina, Ztek, Dacke et al, and I’m still talking to Kreweta on messenger every now and then. Meeting Kreweta and his mother in Moscow some time around 2015 was a real treat too – it’s a shame I can’t find a single photo, it surely would have looked good here.

A few quick bio facts – I’m Russian, lived there all my life up until March this year (sigh). Computer science background and a bit older than most in this guild, 36 now and was 25 back then.

My relationship with video games in general, and WoW in particular, were not simple. Playing casually was never really good fun for me. Even if I could combine hardcore gaming with studying and later an IT career, they do take a toll on real-life image and relationships. I do love video games, but it somewhat surprisingly turned out I do value real life even more.

Gaming really started for me when I was 16, entered a university, and moved away from my parents into a dorm in another city. Boy was I a nerd! We played all sorts of LAN and single-player games for 12+ hours a day on average, and when WoW first came out I couldn’t even afford a subscription. Some folks who could were kicked out and didn’t graduate, so in retrospect that played out quite well. The desire to live through this experience though lasted for years and resulted in 3 distinct stints with 3 different guilds and generated memories that I hold dearly, for which I’m grateful to all of you guys.

My first time was about 1.5 years into vanilla, around the time Ahn’Qiraj was released. Was tough to join mid-expansion and it was not a full/proper experience, so after a few years I joined right ahead of the Cata release and became a proud member of “For Fun”. One expansion felt like the right balance for other priorities, so I quit. Never having lived through a proper vanilla experience left a scar though, so I couldn’t resist joining a fan-made vanilla server called LightBringer once I learned about it. Cleared it through Naxx to close the loop for good.

Gaming has been good fun for a long time. Still is, but I’ve learned over the years that the more time I put in, the more miserable it ultimately makes me. I’m married to a woman I love. I’m a father to 4 kids. I’m an EVP in an international company. And if the price for this is not playing video games, then so be it.

Dilv and his wife.

When I sent this article for review, the Chief Editor came back saying it’s too much flowers and roses. Doesn’t help our valued readers and isn’t too believable either. Well let me assure you it wasn’t and still isn’t, I just wasn’t sure the whining part was a requirement.

I’m in my third marriage and have been through some shit. One of our kids is mine from the previous marriage (lives with us), two are hers from her previous one (also live with us), and one is our mutual which adds fun and complexity to the equation, although it’s been a few years and we’re well past the early stages. Due to the recent events we’re moving to a third country in six months with four kids, one of them a newborn – spent five months in Israel and now moving to Cyprus.

My key idea though is external problems and challenges, however tough they look, are all workable and one can even find fun in going through them. All that as long as you yourself, and your close ones have your back and don’t have to fight internal conflicts and inconsistencies. For me, one of those has been time commitments to video games vs real life, and I feel I’m living a happier and more rewarding life now.

Taking a photo of all four kids looking into a camera is a challenge.

By Kreweta

Filthy casual.

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