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Hello everyone. It has been almost exactly one year since our WoW guild has disbanded. I know that I and some of you miss the good old days, weekly raids, and the everyday company. While there are no immediate plans to jump back into the action, with the Dragonflight expansion looking even less promising that BfA, I believe our safest bet to bring back the <For Fun> spirit might be just waiting for the Ashes of Creation. However, that is still somewhat distant and meanwhile I thought it would be nice to share with you a little “catch up” on what our guild members have been up to recently.

For this post it is an update from me, Taurenpowah, and Beliaranzo. If you enjoy this post and would like to read more, let me know on Discord and I will try to make some more.


Since quitting the game I have tried raiding with Russian communities, New World, single player games like GTA V, The Witcher, and some other games too. However, I realize I am not as much of a gamer as some folks out there, as I do get bored rather fast – especially with single player games. As a result, I know often study and code after work hours and sometimes watch some TV series or Youtube. However, besides this boring stuff, there have been some other interesting things happening.

As some of you may already know, I have been dissatisfied with my work for a while, knowing that I am not really bringing my customers real value. I have sent my CV to couple companies and finally since May 2022 I am a fulltime employee of Google Poland.

However, I am not working on the dream projects with billions of users like Youtube, Gmail or Google Maps. Indeed, my project appears to be rather dull for now but I hope it is going to get better. Therefore, it has been a little disappointing so far but maybe it is just an opportunity for me to step up and liven things up?

However, working at Google has other benefits. One such thing are free meals during the day. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. I admit that I have never eaten healthier in my adult life.

My standard breakfast – dark bread with black currant jam, milk and croissants (not shown).

Besides that, since February 2021 I have been renting an apartment for myself. A very nice change after renting a small room for 10 years. This naturally opens up some opportunities. One such thing is that I am now repeatedly hosting a LAN party for a group of friends. We are playing Diablo 2 (classic) and so far after three meetings we are in the middle of act 3. Honestly, these LAN parties are a great social experience and game is just a nice fun supplement. I definitely recommend you guys try for yourselves even if your friends have never played Diablo 2 it is still going to be great fun!

The first episode of LAN party at my new place. You can see the character selection screen on the TV.

Finally, I will be turning 30 years old this year. With it, it is time to keep my promise I gave to myself about five years ago: “If love will not find me passively by 30, I better start looking for it actively.”. This means that for a short while now I have been doing stuff like speed-dating and dating apps. The results… are complicated. To keep it simple, I will just say that I am dating a really wonderful girl right now, but it has gotten rather complicated. Complicated in a way that I would never foresee. I would like to say more but it is a delicate matter and right now I am on a proverbial crossroad. And there is no Barrens chat to help me decide where to go. 🙂

Open air concert on Warsaw’s “Dni Ursynowa”. Now I have some company that makes it fun and worthwhile to go to events like that.


Hey! I quit the game quite a long time ago somewhere in 2015. A lot of time has passed but I still remember you guys, your nicknames, your personalities, the good times we shared, and sometimes think about you. Most of my adolescent years went into this game and you guys were a big part of my life as well. You were pretty much my only friends.

I quit the game when I started going to university and found a girlfriend. Basically, started venturing into real life. You know how it is. Finding the right balance between chores, social life, responsibilities, and video games is challenging. So for 5 years, I’ve been studying to get my pharmacist degree and having a social life. After graduating, I moved with my girlfriend to a new city, and we both started working as pharmacists. Got a dog.

Doggo is 3 years and her name is Spurga, that’s Donut in Lithuanian

My free time was spent trying to keep my life together while supporting my drug habit and watching some TV series or movies or casually playing video games. But basically, life revolved around drugs and I was in a wrong place mentally. I basically switched my addiction to video games to drugs which was an even better escape. Had trouble with the police. Health and relationship were deteriorating.

The past year was ups and downs. Exactly one year ago I went to detox and rehab. After that, I quit my job and built an e-commerce website. In a few months, I saw that the growth of the website wasn’t fast enough to have enough money so I went back to work in the pharmacy. But I got more control of my life, started getting into powerlifting, going to NA meetings, and trusting my mental health to professionals. Last month we got married in Rhodes, surrounded by our dearest friends and family. Next month we are moving back to the city I grew up in. We are buying a house but it will take time until it gets built so we are going to be renting a place nearby for a year. I’m not exactly very well today but in a much better place than I was in.

Taurenpowah and his wife. Kreweta’s jokes about married couples will not be jokes anymore. 🙂


Good day. I joined the guild just before the release of Cataclysm way back in 2010, and only quit the game around middle of the Battle for Azeroth in 2020 because I chose to focus on my studies. I briefly returned for the start of Shadowlands but had to stop playing again because of the same reasons.

Shortly after quitting the game, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Archives and Collections Management and started on my master’s degree. Just a few months ago I finished my master’s degree in Archives and Records management, the first of its kind in Scandinavia. I have the honour of being one of the first three students to graduate from said master’s program. I am finally finished with my studies after what feel like forever, though I might have to return in a few years to start on my Ph.D.

My doggo companion.

I have just recently also moved into my own apartment in Trondheim, where I studied, and am now finally living by myself after five years of living in a student collective with 14 other people. I also somehow managed to land myself a job within records management at my university during my studies and have now been working there for around a year. I have mostly stayed away from multiplayer games after quitting World of Warcraft, and I have fallen in love with RPG games such as the Pillars of Eternity games and the Pathfinder games. I am still playing Dungeons and Dragons regularly with my friends, even if we had to switch to playing online during the Covid lockdowns and not everyone being in the same city anymore.

A view from my new apartment. Disclaimer – not a summer photo. 🙂

Unfortunately, Covid combined with my studies has not allowed me to keep much of a social life during these past few years, something I am looking to change now that I am finally finished studying. I am not entirely sure about what to do with my life now that I am longer a student, but the future is looking bright, my health is better than ever before, I have a job, friends, and a place by myself!

By Kreweta

Filthy casual.

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