Preparing for 9.1

This Thursday, on June 17, Blizzard has announced the release date for the 9.1 patch. Surprisingly it is only coming very soon, precisely on the June 30th. It is therefore finally time to wake up from the slumber and gather up again to have some fun and kill some bosses.

Raiding plans & goals

Our raiding schedule will not change. That is we are still raiding on Fridays 19:30-22:30 and Sundays 19:00-22:30. Normal and Heroic difficulty of the new is available since July 7th, therefore our first raid will take place on July 9th (Fri). You can already plan ahead and make sure you have your favorite beverage and snacks.

In general our raiding goals for this patch are the usual:

  1. Clear the normal difficulty
  2. Clear the heroic difficulty
  3. Consider killing few mythic bosses before getting bored

I suspect we might have many new faces joining the raids. As always, I am happy to take as many guild members as possible. However, some minimal requirements to join should be met by all members:

  • average item level of 215 or higher
  • fully enchanted gear
  • having all consumables: oils/sharpening stones, flasks, desolate armor kit, food.

If you need help gearing up, I will personally play every evening before and after patch release so you may tag along for some mythic+ fun! In fact, me and Payo have been doing it for past months and we have had some fun and promising results…

Join our in-game community!

In the previous post on this blog I have posted that Professor Koksio will attempt some more unconventional recruitment methods and lead the charge through numerous Mythic+ dungeons. Me and Payo were logging every evening and looking for DPS souls to clear some keys. We have been very picky and had some very precise requirements that you can see below. Sometimes sometimes not even 2,000 score is enough if you cannot read descriptions.

If we were joined by some nice people, we invited them to the in-game community. After few weeks, we have over 50 members, which very heartwarming. It does in a way remind me recruitment from old-days, when cross-server boundaries were not an issue.

I would love to see all of our guild members join the community and share some banter and find some playmates in there. You can join by using this link, or by applying directly to the “For Fun” community within game via search functionality.

I sincerely believe that by making this community grow we can grow a little bit and possibly introduce more raiding teams! Let us make this patch great.

By Kreweta

Filthy casual.

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