About us

For Fun is a casual gaming community that originated in World of Warcraft around 2006 (early TBC). As the name implies the guild is meant to be for casual players who play games “for fun” rather than for money or some wicked dream of professional gamer careers. That is not to say that we do not do challenging content, quite the opposite in fact, for many of us taking down challenging bosses as a team is very fun and rewarding way to spend evenings.

Throughout these years our guild has made sure to stick close to our original values and not forget why it is that we are playing the game. This requires that we do our best to make sure there are no “toxic” guild members, no harassments, no elitism, and the like. Our goal was to create a friendly, international community where you can spend time with likeminded people and have some fun time.

For many of us the guild has become a precious part of our life. We have met dozens of wonderful people, learnt uncanny amount of stuff about other cultures and life in other countries, felt wonderful emotions while gaming and had a ton of laughter. In our community there are many married couples, some of which got to know each other in the game. There have been also multiple IRL meetings, which can be quite peculiar at first.

Kreweta’s mother takes a photo of Kreweta and Kradgam before they learn how they look like.

There is no fancy goals for our community. We just want to be around so that there is a great company to play with and have some fun.

If you want to be a part of our community you should begin by applying to and joining our World of Warcraft guild and once in there things should develop naturally.